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Supporting Women with Seed for Food Security and as Start-Up Capital

Research shows that if women have equal access to land, livestock, new technologies, financial services, education and extension advice, agricultural production across Africa would increase by 20  to 30%. This could decrease the number of hungry people globally by 12 … Continue reading

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Harvest time at Pelungu Primary School’s Organic Garden

Harvest time is getting near in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Pelungu Primary School, partner Antwerp International School, under the Best of Both Program, has also started harvesting its first yields from the organic vegetable garden that was established … Continue reading

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Reflections from a Visiting Researcher Working with Trax

In February Trax welcomed Rachael Taylor, a Doctoral researcher from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. Today we say goodbye to Rachael as she returns to the UK to prepare her thesis. In this post Rachael shares her … Continue reading

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Harvesting Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes: Yields, Soils, and Pests

This week Trax field staff are visiting farmers to observe the harvesting of orange-fleshed sweet potato and weigh the yield. For many of the farmers this was the first time they had grown this variety of sweet potato. Field staff … Continue reading

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Farmer Testimony: How I returned to Farming

Farmers in the Upper East Region of Ghana face a lot of challenges. This prompts many to take up alternative sources of livelihoods, among which are illegal mining and low-skilled physically demanding jobs in urban areas such as head porting. … Continue reading

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Farmers are Experimenting with Crops to Adapt

This morning Trax staff and a visiting researcher met with some farmers who described the ways they are experimenting and innovating. The farmers, both beneficiaries of the Trax project, explained that they are experimenting because they need to find a … Continue reading

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Farmer Testimony: Community Trainers Instigate Grassroots Scaling-Up

As we have mentioned elsewhere, Trax is concerned with the sustainability of our project interventions within environmental, social, and economic domains. Features of the Trax project which support the sustainability of our interventions socially include the formation of farmer groups, … Continue reading

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Top Performer: Duusi Primary School

In everything Trax does, sustainability is always a top priority. This is no different in our partnership with Best of Both, a charity set up by Belgian high school students. Best of Both supports five public primary schools in the … Continue reading

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Improved Mudstoves save more than just energy

There is currently a movement to increase the use of clean cooking stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa. Clean cooking stoves can take many forms, one of which is a variation of traditional mud-built stoves. Sometimes they are referred to as energy-saving mud stoves because … Continue reading

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Supporting Knowledge Acquisition: Trax’s Library & Secretarial Services

Trax Ghana is known for providing smallholder farmers with more advanced agronomic methods and techniques. However, Trax supports knowledge enhancement at a much broader level. Its headquarters in Bolgatanga, on the first floor of the First National Bank, near the … Continue reading

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