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Rustic Pathways provides international community service programs for high school students. Their programs introduce students to a variety of service experiences that benefit the communities they visit, while showing students the impact they can have on the world. Additionally, these … Continue reading

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In northern Ghana where the majority of farmers rely on rain fed agriculture for a living, Climate change, with consequent droughts, floods and other natural disasters, further contributes to the vulnerability of people living in poverty. It is within this … Continue reading

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Trax Ghana works with smallholder farmers in deprived rural communities in northern Ghana to achieve food security. The organization uses Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) as a way of learning from, and with, members of target communities to investigate, and evaluate … Continue reading

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Trax Ghana and the British School of Brussels Charity, “The Best of Both” partnership project, presented 120 goats to 40 selected needy students at Dachio, Zuarungu-Moshie, Duusi and Gaare-Gbani basic schools in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The project … Continue reading

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Harvesting Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes: Yields, Soils, and Pests

This week Trax field staff are visiting farmers to observe the harvesting of orange-fleshed sweet potato and weigh the yield. For many of the farmers this was the first time they had grown this variety of sweet potato. Field staff … Continue reading

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Farmers are Experimenting with Crops to Adapt

This morning Trax staff and a visiting researcher met with some farmers who described the ways they are experimenting and innovating. The farmers, both beneficiaries of the Trax project, explained that they are experimenting because they need to find a … Continue reading

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Farmer Testimony: Community Trainers Instigate Grassroots Scaling-Up

As we have mentioned elsewhere, Trax is concerned with the sustainability of our project interventions within environmental, social, and economic domains. Features of the Trax project which support the sustainability of our interventions socially include the formation of farmer groups, … Continue reading

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Urgent Call: Use Organic Alternatives to Toxic Chemical Pesticides

Trax Ghana is raising the alarm about the great health risk at which Ghanaian farmers and consumers put themselves through the unsafe use of pesticides in agriculture. Trax encourages its farmers to refrain from the use of pesticides and to … Continue reading

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Formation of Non-Timber Forest Products Union

In order to promote enterprise development and build organizational and technical capacity at the grassroots, Trax Ghana always facilitates the formation of farmer groups. In Pelungu, Nabdam district in the Upper East Region, Trax works with shea (nuts and butter), … Continue reading

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Farmer Testimony: Mr. Isaiah Improves Animal Well-Being

In Ghana, one agricultural extension officer serves 1,300 farmers (2012). Due to this woefully low number, a lot of farmers do not get the technical advice they need. In order to improve this, Trax Ghana, with support from Self Help … Continue reading

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