Community Capacity Building

In order to build organizational, entrepreneurial and technical capacity at the grassroots, Trax Ghana supports rural farming communities through:

  • facilitation of farmer group formation;
  • training of community trainers;
  • group constitution development;
  • support for community-based organization (CBO) formation and legalization;
  • training of Community Livestock Workers;
  • training of Fire Volunteer Squads;
  • and establishment and training of Sustainable Land Management Committees.

Through building the capacity of farmer groups and rural communities to govern their local human and natural resources, Trax Ghana aims to ensure that the practices and collaboration introduced during the project cycle will be sustained beyond the end of Trax’s facilitation. This helps us to address the sustainability of our project interventions and encourage self-reliance, our core values. We believe that the participation of our beneficiaries during every step of the project cycle is crucial to achieving this.

These activities are provided by Trax Ghana staff with support from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture veterinary services and the National Fire Service.


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