Trax Ghana builds Youth Empowerment and Community Center

In collaboration with Trax Norway (Bergen, Norway), Trax Ghana with funding from Engineers without Boarders (EwB, Norway) has built a Youth Empowerment and Community Center at Kabusgo, Bongo district – UER. 

The construction started in November 2022 and took 3 months to complete. The building that contains a – conference hall; library, computer lab, server room and office space is intended to serve multiple roles:

We aim at providing supplementary curricular education to deprived students primarily in the age-group 12-16 years, to increase their chances of completing Junior High School (JHS) thus, gaining access to higher education and wider career options. We have partnered with SmileCharity to acquire computer servers and tablets for this purpose to help improve the quality of education using state-of-the-art computer infrastructure developed by the charity. This infrastructure has been used with success in other areas in Africa (e.g. Kenya).   

The Center will re-engage students who had dropped out of Junior High School (JHS) to help them either complete the level or educate them in alternative sets of livelihood and markets to become self-reliant.

We will liaise with local health authorities to provide tuition in reproductive health education, as a step to minimizing the risk of school drop-out due to teen pregnancy.

The center will also serve as a tool to strengthen social networks and community mobilization and participation

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