Farmer Testimony: Community Trainers Instigate Grassroots Scaling-Up

As we have mentioned elsewhere, Trax is concerned with the sustainability of our project interventions within environmental, social, and economic domains. Features of the Trax project which support the sustainability of our interventions socially include the formation of farmer groups, community-based organisations (CBOs), and designation of Community Trainers. Community Trainers also play an important role in scaling-up our project activities to other communities.

Training Community Trainers

Community Trainers are selected by the farmer groups and all members of the group vote for their preferred candidate. Each farmer group has up to ten Community Trainers who often also take on the role of community livestock worker.

Community Trainers receive additional training from Trax field staff in order to increase their ability to support their farmer group to continue with project activities once Trax ceases formal facilitation. Community Trainers will receive additional training in leadership, motivation, and conflict management so that they can effectively support their farmer group.

A farmer group gathers for vine multiplication of orange-fleshed sweet potato

A farmer group gathers for vine multiplication of orange-fleshed sweet potato

Grassroots Scaling-Up

Communities beyond Trax’s operational zones have heard about the Trax project interventions through word of mouth. Demand for support from Trax is high and our field officers are not able to assist such a large number of people over such a wide area because of limited resources.

We recently spoke to Mr. George, the Chair for the Community Trainers in Pelungu, Talensi District, Upper East Region. He explained that farmers in other communities request him to train them on the agricultural practices that have been facilitated locally by Trax’s field officers.

Following many requests for training on the agro-ecological practices facilitated by Trax, George has established a protocol for providing training to neighbouring villages. He explained that Community Trainers provide training to other communities in small groups and always request that there are at least five people who wish to participate in the training. George has travelled over ten miles to provide training for communities who are not partnered with Trax, and has had requests from as far away as 80 miles.

George and other Community Trainers explain that they are able to combine their own local knowledge of farming with the skills and knowledge shared through partnership with Trax. By sharing indigenous knowledge and agro-ecological practices introduced by Trax, the Community Trainers are able to sustainably scale-up Trax’s interventions while enhancing them for adoption in local conditions.

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