Trax Ghana is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with rural communities in Northern Ghana. We are working to reduce poverty and increase food security through sustainable agricultural and livelihood interventions. We use the principles of agroecological production to support health and sustainable food systems in Northern and Upper East Regions of Ghana.

We work through a philosophy of community participation. Our work is demand driven and the farmers identify the areas they would like Trax Ghana to support them with. We then work closely with farmer groups and support them to develop their own capacity for governance, learning and action. We support Community Trainers, or lead farmers, who continue farmer-to-farmer learning beyond Trax facilitation.

We currently have four thematic areas:

  • Sustainability – of social, environmental, and economic features of rural communities;
  • Climate change and environment – reducing environmental degradation while supporting climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Poverty reduction and food security – in the context of Northern Ghana, reduced poverty increases food security as additional income is spent on supplementary food items;
  • Gender equality – we work with women and men and strive to empower communities as a whole.

The principles of food sovereignty and agroecological farming cut across each of these themes, informing the way we work with farming communities and the agroecological methods they develop.

Mission statement:

To empower rural communities in Ghana through sustainable capacity development to achieve and maintain improvement in their environment and livelihoods.

Our vision is “a world where hunger and poverty are eliminated; people are empowered and maintain a sustainable relationship with their environment”.

You can contact Trax by email at: info@traxghana.com


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