Trax Ghana Greenhouse Farming Project

In collaboration with Trax Norway (Bergen, Norway) and Engineers without Boarders (EwB, Norway), Trax Ghana has acquired a 300sqM greenhouse, located in Kabusgo, Bongo district (UER). With the greenhouse, Trax aims at creating a vegetable commodity value chain to support an existing youth scholarship scheme, provide youth education and part-time jobs, and to promote the technology as a viable approach to sustainable vegetable production.

The ambitious project will use proceeds from the sale of vegetables to support the education of especially adolescent girls from the poorest households with financial incentives in the form of scholarships to ensure retention and completion of basic and secondary levels of education thus gaining access to higher education and wider career options. The expected results of the project include bringing about long-lasting socio-economic impact in the lives of the beneficiaries through education. In collaboration with the school head and teachers, the project selected ten girls of St. Luke Junior High School (JHS), Kabusgo as the first batch to benefit from the project. The girls receive training on agronomic practices from the greenhouse manager, Barikisu Iddrisu and work in the greenhouse in their leisure time. The premise is that they benefit by partnering in the project as ultimate beneficiaries as opposed to being passive recipients.

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