Trax Ghana Contribute to Addressing Youth Unemployment and Poverty in the Upper East Region

Trax Ghana in partnership with Tools for Self Reliance, UK have started a new project,  providing formal training opportunities for young people in the Upper East region of Ghana.  The aim of the project is to support the development of sustainable livelihoods and income diversification for the youth. During the project, young adults will be trained in a trade skill and equipped and supported to set up own business. The first part of the project covers literacy and numeracy, and an intensive life skills and functional business management training.

Following, each participant is attached to a master craftsperson for twelve-month intensive vocational training. The project will train 26 young people in welding, carpentry, tailoring, masonry, appliance repair and auto mechanics. In addition, 130 local women who are already working with Shea trees to produce Shea butter will be equipped with skills to increase cultivation techniques as well as the picking and packing process which will ensure they are meeting the highest environmental standards and produce good quality products for the market. Significant of the project is that, apprentices identified to commute longer distances to learn their trade were provided with bicycles to travel back and forth regularly.

Trainees of the project will be issued a certificate of apprenticeship and equipped with high-quality tools kit and seed money to get started when they graduate.

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