Poverty Alleviation Requires Participation and Sustainability says Trax Ghana Director

Earlier today Trax Ghana’s director, Mr Vincent Subbey, released a statement about his vision for poverty reduction.

Mr Subbey said: “Commitment to participatory local planning and sustainability should be the hallmark of contemporary poverty alleviation interventions.”

Trax Ghana’s work is built on a foundation of community participation. Potential beneficiaries are central to making decisions about their needs and priorities and how they would like Trax to support them.

Trax Ghana facilitate the formation of farmer groups and use participatory methods such as community resource mapping to support problem identification. Farmer groups nominate lead farmers who are then supported as Community Trainers through additional training from Trax staff. Trax also supports farmer groups to establish as a registered community-based organization (CBO).

Trax Ghana's Sustainable Livelihoods Program Coordinator meets with one of our beneficiary farmer groups

Trax Ghana’s Sustainable Livelihoods Program Coordinator meets with one of our beneficiary farmer groups

Community-Based Sustainability

Using a community-based approach to project management means that farmer groups continue to operate after Trax Ghana’s facilitation period has ended. The Community Trainers support farmer groups to continue to manage their problems and practice methods introduced by Trax. This ensures the sustainability of Trax Ghana’s activities beyond project facilitation.

The Community Trainers also support the scaling-up of Trax Ghana’s activities by providing training to farming communities which are outside of Trax’s operational areas. This makes local communities self-reliant and responsible for shared learning.

Poverty Alleviation

Reduced poverty is one of the central objectives of Trax Ghana, along with increased food security. Each of our project areas and activities contribute toward reducing poverty in rural farming communities.

As an organization, we believe that facilitating a participatory approach for community-based project management contributes to the achievement of beneficial outcomes from our project activities. Ultimately, this leads of poverty reduction and increase food security. We also believe that this approach means poverty will continue to be reduced after communities are weaned off Trax Ghana’s support.

You can see more of the views of Trax Ghana’s director, Mr Vincent Subbey, here. For more information about Trax projects and our values and approach follow these links or see the menu at the top of this page.

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