Trax-Kavli Scholarships Farm now runs on solar power

The mechanized borehole that supplies water to the farm runs on the national electricity grid, which is both expensive and unreliable due to intermittent power cuts. As a long term solution to the problem, the project explored installation of solarpanels on the farm as cost effective and sustainable source of renewal energy.

Trax Norway shipment of solar panels for cheap, green electricity finally arrived on the scholarships farm in July, 2019. Two experts, Torstein and Truls of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Norway arrived in Ghana, involved and trained six selected local youth (4 males and 2 females) and two Trax Ghana field staff in the installation and maintenance of 30 solar panels on the farm. Following the completion of the installation with current excess capacity, the farm is now off the national grid and this will drastically lower the running cost of the farm and make it much more profitable. The youth who were trained, can also render external services to the general public as a source of livelihood.

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