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New Women’s Group taken through VSLA Constitution Development

Trax supports women to establish Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) to take control of their own finances. Since we began this initiative some years ago, there has been high demand from women’s group to establish new VSLAs. Trax Ghana … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Contribution of Women Farmers in Northern Ghana

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating women farmers everywhere. Women farmers constitute more than half of the labour force on small farms in Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite this, they typically have little or no ownership of land, property, or income. … Continue reading

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Village Savings & Loan Associations: Making Dreams Come True

Village Savings and Loan Associations for women are one way in which Trax Ghana aims to promote gender equality. These groups of female farmers meet once a week to contribute a small amount of cash money to a fund. Later … Continue reading

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Trax Ghana’s Take on Gender Equality

Trax Ghana is committed to creating equal rights and opportunities for men and women. It does so in a gender-sensitive way, relying and building on socially and culturally defined difference between the sexes. Some of the activities by which gender … Continue reading

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