New Trax Ghana Board inaugurated

The Bolgatanga, Upper East regional capital circuit court Judge, His Honour Malcolm E. Bedzrah has sworn into office members of the newly constituted board of Trax Ghana. The inauguration was held in Bolgatanga on Saturday, May 5, 2018, at the Conference Hall of the organization.

After administering the oath of office and oath of secrecy to the members who were present, the judge congratulated the board and charged members do their work professionally, collaborate with Trax Ghana management and ensure the success of the organization.

Speaking with a common voice, members of the board express their readiness to support management in dealing with the major challenges facing the organization.

Membership of the board includes Mr. Andrew Opong-Peprah, Mr. Asher Nkegbe and Mr. Zimi Al-Hassan.  The others are Dr. Francis Amagloh, Mr. Emmanuel Abeliwine and Dr. John Bosco Azigwe.  The rest are Hon. Bride Mambisi Apania and Mr. Luu Yin

Trax Ghana Director, Vincent Subbey (red & black top) delivering the welcome address

His Honour Malcolm E. Bedzrah (in smock) administering the oaths to the members

From left: Mr. Zimi Al-Hassan, His Honour Malcolm E. Bedzrah, Hon. Bride Mambisi Apania, Mr. Vincent Subbey and Dr. John Bosco Azigwe


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