Good Agriculture Practices

Ecological bio diverse systems do not just protect bees and pollinators that feed us, they also control pests through a natural pest/predator balance.They support an abundance of natural enemies, which prevent the explosion of pest populations.

However, industrial paradigm of knowledge and agriculture, pest control is a matter of war. Over the past years the farmers at (Ndong) Nadam district in the Upper East Region who are dry season gardeners have witnessed a drastic increased in the use of pesticides that have their origins in the chemical warfare. Pesticides have devastated the ecosystem and to friendly pollinators and health status of farmers. But pesticides do not control pest, rather, they create them.

Pest increase with the application of pesticide because beneficial species are killed and pest become resistant to chemicals. This is a very serious challenge to Mr. Lamsing Tii farm at Ndong  who cultivated with aphids and white flies. He tried all the cocktails of pesticide to no avail.



A follow-up training on wood-ash / Soap preparation was carried out to solve pest invasion by the auspices of Trax Ghana/CAOF collaboration. Participants of 45- 15 females and 30 males appreciated the facilitators for a timely training that will solve their main headache as far as the pest issues are concerned.

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