New Women’s Group taken through VSLA Constitution Development

Trax supports women to establish Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) to take control of their own finances. Since we began this initiative some years ago, there has been high demand from women’s group to establish new VSLAs.

Providing training of developing a VSLA constitution to a new women’s group

Trax Ghana visited Kabusgo- Adignongo VSLA group yesterday to find out the progress of the program and their businesses as well. The group were very happy to see us and issues concerning the program were discussed.

Women share a joke during their VSLA meeting

We later on proceeded to Mossi Daboro to meet our new VSLA group. Members were taken through how they will develop their group constitution and dates were fixed for the drafting of the constitution.

The new group were keen to start saving so each member made a deposit to the VSLA during the meeting.

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