Trax Host Fundraising and Resource Management Intern

Trax has a history of hosting students, researchers, and interns from around the world. We believe this supports Trax’s development and learning opportunities as well as the personal development and growth of the individuals we host. In light of this, Trax is currently hosting an intern who is working on fundraising and resource management.

Janet Nyaaba joined Trax four weeks ago and has already provided valuable insight and development opportunities for Trax. We are delighted to have her on board with us and we look forward to further collaboration.

Janet introduces herself below.

Trax intern Janet Nyaaba

My name is Janet Asane Nyaaba. I completed my degree in Integrated Development Studies (Environment and Resource Management Option) at the University For Development Studies, Wa campus in 2014.
I did my national service with Ghana Education Service in Kamaso D/A Junior High School in the Western Region of Ghana.
I have also worked with Myroc Food Processing Company Limited in the Greater Accra Region. I started as a factory-hand worker and based on my hard work I was promoted to Quality Assurance Assistant and then to Quality Assurance Inspector.

Currently I am doing an internship with Trax Ghana. This is because I am so passionate about what they do. Looking at what they have done so far and still trying to do is so amazing. They have done a lot in the northern part of Ghana trying to fight hunger and poverty. Over thousands of people can now raise their shoulders because they have enough to feed their families and to sell to generate income. That is why I decided to join hands with them and I am so privilege to be part of them. Thanks.

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