Rustic Pathways provides international community service programs for high school students. Their programs introduce students to a variety of service experiences that benefit the communities they visit, while showing students the impact they can have on the world. Additionally, these experiences help students build critical teamwork skills while challenging them to take leadership roles in creating change.

Trax Ghana in partnership with Rustic pathways supported the Zuarungu Moshie School with a summer hat to overcome the current challenge of lack of space to hold staff and school management committee meetings. The summer hat is built by student groups as partnership agreed community service project with support and supervision by local craftsmen. The students mix from the United States and Spain were in Ghana, Upper East region from June 16 and July 17, 2016 and arrived in three separate batches. The first batch which were made up of 8 female, carry out moulding and watering of cement blocks as well as digging and casting of the foundation to complete the first phase of the project. The second batch were made up of 3 male and 6 female who lay blocks of the structure and filled the seat portion of the structure with sand. The last batch of 3 male and 12 female carry out plastering, flooring, painting and roofing of the structure. They also witness the commissioning and official handing over of the facility to the school.

Picture-Summer hat

The head teacher of the school assisting a representative of the student team to cut the tape to commission the newly built summer hat

The head teacher of the Zuarungu Moshie School was grateful to the partners for the support and pledged their commitment to take good care of the facility. According to her, the school has no staff common room or a social meeting place and this makes it difficult for staff and members of the School management committee to hold meetings when school is in session. Under compelling situations, a class is dissolved to provide space for emergency school management meetings and this result in students virtually on holidays and loitering around the school premises or outside the school grounds.

Concrete-Summer hat

Students of the first batch preparing concrete to cast the foundation

Laying blocks-summer hat

Students of the second batch laying blocks and filling joints with mortar

Finally, the Rustic Pathways team expressed their gratitude to the head teacher and members of the school management committee for the warm reception and excellent support during the construction of the summer hat.

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  1. Abugre Emmanuel Atanga says:

    God bless and reward you so much for the great work you did. Hope to see you around again so we can chat. I’m a teacher in the school.


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