Trax Ghana has been working with smallholder farmers in northern Ghana for the past 26 years. Trax supports smallholder farmers towards sustainable agriculture to enhance food security and environmental restoration.

One person who worked with Trax for her PhD and has in-depth knowledge having seen first-hand the amazing and inspiring work we do to positively affect farmers and their families is Rachael Taylor. You can see updates about the difference Trax are making to farmers and their households on our website: and on her blog:

The availability of funding is critical to our service delivery as an NGO while the unavailability of funds plays a debilitating role in the effective delivery of activities at the grassroots.

After 26 years of practice in Northern Ghana, supporting many thousands of farmers, donor cuts now threaten our very existence as our main funders are no longer able to fund our activities as a result of internal financial constraints.

To keep us afloat, Rachael has set out with crowdfunding to sustain the delivery of our lives transforming grassroots interventions. We wish to solicit your financial contributions to help support more lives in rural farming communities in northern Ghana. Kindly visit the fundraising page of Rachael Taylor at:

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