Formation of Non-Timber Forest Products Union

In order to promote enterprise development and build organizational and technical capacity at the grassroots, Trax Ghana always facilitates the formation of farmer groups. In Pelungu, Nabdam district in the Upper East Region, Trax works with shea (nuts and butter), honey and baobab groups. As part of a Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) project sponsored by Comic Relief, these have been brought together to form a Union. This is done to enable producers to build a formidable force which grants fair prices for NTFP products on community and district level.

NTFP Union Leaders

The leaders of the newly formed NTFP Union

The NTFP project is undertaken by a number of partners, one of which is the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). Madam Janet Sinayor, Associate advisor at SNV, visited Trax Ghana twice to facilitate the initiation of the Union for the cluster of NTFP producer groups. Together with Trax Ghana’s Programs Coordinator, she has assisted the Union in its registration and legalization as well as in the election of executives.

The NTFP producer groups’ members express their excitement about the initiative made by Trax Ghana and Madam Janet Sinayor of SNV in the Pelungu community.

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