Farmer Testimony: Mr. Isaiah Improves Animal Well-Being

In Ghana, one agricultural extension officer serves 1,300 farmers (2012). Due to this woefully low number, a lot of farmers do not get the technical advice they need. In order to improve this, Trax Ghana, with support from Self Help Africa, has trained 20 people (12 men and 8 women) to become Community Livestock Workers. These farmers were educated on the identification and treatment of animal ailments and were subsequently equipped with First Aid Kits. This enables them to provide a rapid response to sick livestock, thereby serving as liaison officers between owners of livestock in the Trax communities and veterinary officers. It also promotes self-reliance and development from within the community and provides an alternative income. Please meet Mr Isaiah Tampugbah, who is one of our newest Community Livestock Workers.

Community Livestock Worker - Mr Isaiah Tampugbah1

Mr. Isaiah is a 50-year-old peasant farmer, married to two wives with seven (7) children (3 boys and 4 girls) who could barely cater for his family. However, he became one of the twenty (20) farmers who benefited from the Community Livestock Workers training in May 2012 and was supported with a First Aid Kit for quick response to livestock ailments.

Through this intervention, Mr. Isaiah made tremendous improvements in first aid treatment of livestock in the community. He does things such as de-worming (both endo parasites and ecto parasites, using Albenazole and acaricide) and wound dressing (using wound healing ointment and cotton wool) and closed castration.

Mr. Isaiah Tampugbah has therefore taken up the opportunity as a business and is making an income for the upkeep of the family. The community members of the Pelungu project area are giving testimonies of his good works in their livestock treatments. Mr. Isaiah expressed his appreciation and excitements for the intervention which he had taken as an income generating avenue to augment the meager farm yields.

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