Antwerp International School supports Pelungu Primary School

In partnership with the Best of Both, Trax Ghana is committed to improving lives through education. The Best of Both was originally set up by students from the British School of Brussels. However, it wants to expand to include many more schools. Trax is very happy to welcome the first new member of The Best of Both
: The Antwerp International School, Belgium.



The Antwerp International School has been part of the Best of Both for some months now. During that time, they have adopted The Pelungu Primary School as their Ghanaian counterpart. Through the efforts of its students, the school raised funds to procure 100 dual desks, a school garden and gardening tools, 8 sets of teachers’ tables and chairs, a lock to the borehole and sets of teaching and learning material, markers, chalkboards, mathematical instruments and cardboard.

Before the intervention of Trax Ghana and the Antwerp International School, many students had to sit or lie on the ground while doing their coursework. The teachers had a lot of difficulty with obtaining the necessary material to prepare their courses with and the funds of the school as a whole were insufficient. In order to overcome these difficulties and to make the Trax project sustainable, any produce from the organic school garden that is not used to enrich the school feeding program will be sold to provide the school with an extra income.

Key personalities at the presentation of the donated items, in May, were the representatives of the regional and district directors of education, Trax project manager, Assemblyman of Pelungu electoral area, the circuit Supervisor in charge of the Pelungu School, representative of the chief of Pelungu, School Management Committee and Parents and Teachers’ Association representatives, representatives of Ghana News Agency, Head teacher and colleague staffs.

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  1. botozan says:

    AIS/BOB/Trax Ghana “AYEKOO” well done


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