Sponsored Classroom Furniture almost Finished

Trax Ghana, with support from The Best of Both (a charity run by students from the British school of Brussels and the Antwerp International school) strives to improve the educational status of the rural communities. Trax Ghana and the British School of Brussels have ordered a local welder to provide 320 dual desks for four primary schools in rural areas of the Upper East Region. This week, Trax’s Schools Project Coordinator, Botozan Kwesi Anane, has visited the manufacturing site and has witnessed that the desks are almost ready for distribution to the schools.





Best of Both and Trax Ghana have taken the initiative of improving primary schools in some rural communities in Northern Ghana. The partners have so far supported four primary schools with teaching and learning materials, school gardens, a borehole, six computers each, assistance to 10 pupils each for their well-being, and renovations of the school structures. Click here to see pictures of the past activities through which Best of Both and Trax Ghana have supported the primary schools.

Notwithstanding, the shortage of school furniture has been identified as one of the challenges that have a negative effect on achieving the delivery of quality education to learners. Many classes have no desks at all, forcing the students to sit or lie on the ground as they are doing their work. The Ghanaian government has a vision of high quality, modern school infrastructure that will improve opportunities to students, but has unfortunately not been able to realize this yet.

Lack of desks and chairs: pupils sitting on the bare floor

Lack of desks and chairs: pupils sitting on the bare floor

In this light, Advance Metal Works (a locally based manufacture) has been awarded the contract to manufacture 320 dual desks. 70% of the work has been completed. Desks will be made available to schools before the inception of the 2014-2015 academic year to enable kids to start the year sitting at a dual desk.

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